Pharmaceutics is the area of study concerned with the formulation, manufacturing stability and effectiveness of pharmaceutical dosage form.. In this we will study how the drugs are administered in the body to be effective. Drugs are rarely used alone. They are used as a part of a formulation with other non-drug substances. These non-drug substances or additives serve specific function. The drugs presented in the dosage form are given in a specific quantity i.e. dose for a specific period. These dosage forms are available in various forms as required for a specific disease condition. Packaging of dosage form is another important aspect as the dosage form should not degrade during storage. A good packaging is necessary to protect the drug component from any type of deterioration till it reaches the consumer.


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    November 10-11, 2022

    World Congress on Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    Berlin, Germany
    November 21-22, 2022

    38th World Pharmacology and Therapeutics Forum

    Rome, Italy

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